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The 2014 MWTA AGM together with their Scholarship Rewards Presentation was held in Kuala Lumpur on the 25th May 2014.

Light refreshments were served and scholarship recipients, together with their family arrived early to mingle.

There were 17 scholarship recipients this year as follow:

Primary School Students received RM150 each:

  • Hiu Kai Zhi
  • Goh Pei Xuan
  • Goh Sam Xu
  • Nurul Alicia
  • Ng Weng Jian (RMR)
  • Yong Xing Tong
  • Danielle Yan Wen Yee

Secondary School Students received RM200 each:

  • Daniel Yap Boon Seng
  • Ng Wen Yie (SPM)
  • Yow Hong Bin (SPM)
  • Kwan Jun Hao (SPM)
  • Wan Jun Yuan (SPM)

University Students received RM250 each:

  • Dickson Fong Wen Jing
  • Vivian Fong Yi Yi
  • Hiu Yen San
  • Yow Xuan Bin
  • Lim Jin Wei

MWTA congratulates these students and wish them a very successful future.

After the Scholarship Rewards Presentation, the committee members stayed back to continue with the 2014 Annual General Meeting to discuss the 20th Asian Horological Trade & Industry Promotion Conference hosted by MWTA  and all related matters for the year.


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