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Upcoming Events

All events for 2020 are cancelled until further notice.
5th August 2020

Due to the continuing COVID-19 situation, all events for the year of 2020 is cancelled. We regret that we are unable to proceed with our normal agendas, but we know this is the right decision based on the unprecedented pandemic as it is vital to continue to limit social contact. We urge everyone to remain vigilant and be safe. Though separated, we are in it together. Let’s continue to do the right thing and pray that this will be over soon.

Postponement of 65th MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2020
13th March 2020

Past Events

MWTA Golf Championship 2019
2nd August 2019, Friday

64th MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2019
2nd June 2019, Sunday

64th MWTA Annual Dinner
26th October 2018, Friday

MWTA Golf Championship 2018
29th June 2018, Friday

63rd MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2018
10th June 2018, Sunday

MWTA Golf Championship 2017
5th July 2017, Wednesday

62nd MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2017
4th June, 2017, Sunday

62nd MWTA Annual Dinner 2016
14th October 2016, Friday

MWTA Golf Championship 2016
2nd September 2016, Friday

MWTA Round Table Talk
18th August 2016, Thursday

61st MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2016
3rd July 2016, Sunday

MWTA 2nd EXCO Meeting 2016
5th March 2016, Saturday

MWTA Golf Championship 2015
31st July 2015, Friday

MWTA 1st EXCO Meeting 2015/2016
17th June 2015, Wednesday

60th MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2015
24th May 2015, Sunday

20th AHTIPC 2014
12th to 14th November 2014

60th MWTA Annual Dinner and Dance 2014
14th November 2014

 59th MWTA AGM & Scholarship Rewards Presentation 2014
25th May 2014

Watch and Clock Trade GST Seminar Malaysia
22nd August 2014

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