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MWTA kickstarted to welcome the Chinese New Year 2020, Year of the Rat with “Lo-Sang” at Barn, Pavilion on the 22nd Jan for their committee gathering at 6 pm. “Yee-Sang”  or prosperity toss salad is a tradition during Chinese New Year symbolizing abundance, prosperity and vigor. The salad consists of strips of raw fish, mix of vegetables and sweet condiments. It is yummy and crunchy and fun to toss. It is also believed that the higher and the more vigorous the toss, the more prosperity for the year! The “Lo-Sang” (Prosperity Toss) was done with chopsticks and lots of hearty wishes and greetings for a great successful year. Watch our video in Facebook to see and hear the fun of our committee members tossing high and lively.

During the gathering, the committee members took the opportunity to discuss the 2020 AGM and Scholarship Rewards Presentation. ExCo Mr Low Khai Hoo was selected as the Scholarship Chairman and Mr Danson Ooi as Assistant. The MWTA secretary, Mr Billy Lim was appointed as the 2020 Dinner Organizing Chairman. We congratulate the appointed members for their additional positions this year.

MWTA wishes all celebrating the Lunar Year of the Rat a very Auspicious and Happy Chinese New Year with lots of “Lo-Hei, Huat, Huat Huat”!


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