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MWTA AGM & Scholarship Awards Presentation 2017

The 62nd MWTA AGM 2017 and Scholarship Award Presentation was held in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 4th June. It was a great crowd this year, and most members arrived early for the light breakfast refreshment and registration.

We took delight in presenting scholarship awards to 31 students this year:

Primary School Category:

1. Tham Xin Er c/o Brian Tham Jee Ping
2. Tham Yue Er c/o Brian Tham Jee Ping
3. Guan Hao Cheng c/o GuanYoong Lun
4. Kwong Jenson c/o Lee Kim Foong
5. Lim Jia Zhun c/o Angel Ho
6. Nikki Tan Li Qi c/o Tan Teak Choi

Secondary School Category:

1. Nurul Alicia Bt. Mohd. Wazir c/o Ally Abdullah
2. Ang Chee Bing c/o Ang Kim Huat
3. Hiu Kai Chi c/o Hiu Tack Haur (Danny)
4. Liow Wei Xuan c/o Liow Chan Hoong
5. Guan Hao Kai c/o Wilson Guan Yoon Cheong
6. Guan Hao Ruan c/o Wilson Guan Yoon Cheong
7. Emily Choo Hue c/o Ivy The Wai Lai
9. Wong Kai Zheng c/o Wong Yeat Foo
9. Sam Huai En c/o Sam Choo Pei
10. Sam Huai Hao c/o Sam Choo Pei
11. Siew Chao Quan c/o Siew Thiam Sin

University/College Category:

1. Gavin Lee Wei Chun c/o Nyew Siew Ling
2. Kwan Jun Hao c/o Kwan Ming Khen
3. Ang Chee Siah c/o Ang Kim Huat
4. Arthur Yong Tze Rei c/o Bernard Yong
5. Hiu Yen San c/o Hiu Tack Haur (Danny)
6. Hiu Kai Sheng c/o Hiu Tack Haur (Danny)
7. Lee Zhi Ying c/o Lee Geok Seng
8. Lee Yi Ming c/o Lee Geok Seng
9. Lee Zhi Yuan c/o Lee Geok Seng
10. Lee Zhi Xian c/o Lee Geok Seng
11. Edward Seng Tuck Tye c/o Mark Seng
12. Lim Jin Wei c/o Lim Kok Heng
13. Siew Jia Hui c/o Siew Thiam Sin
14. Siew Sock Yee c/o Siew Thiam Sin

We look forward to encouraging more member’s children to go for high achievement and be part of our scholarship recipients next year. MWTA congratulates our students and wishes them to keep up the great momentum in their studies.

The morning continued with our AGM whereby members went through the agenda and all related matters for the year. The committee board was dissolved and a new election will be held on the 7th June.

Photos of the day at our Facebook FanPage Album.

If you would like to become a member or need to renew your application, please download the application/renewal form here.

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